Pre-Operative Exam

What is a Preop Exam?

  • Assessment and management of cardiovascular, pulmonary and other risks involved with undergoing anesthesia
  • Laboratory testing, EKG, physical examination and sometimes X-rays and stress testing

What should I know about a pre-operative exam?

  • Know when and what your surgery will be
  • Know the name of your surgeon
  • Bring your list of medications and questions
  • Bring any paperwork that needs to be completed

Why should I be cleared by a family physician??

  • Surgery is a major stress on your body’s systems.  Depending on your current state of health, your ability to go through previous surgeries, and the risk level of the surgery (for example, cataract vs. heart bypass), your risk of undergoing surgery with as few problems as possible is assessed.  You may be required to go through stress testing, take or stop taking certain medications, or even see a cardiologist prior to the procedure.  Once a thorough presurgical evaluation is performed, you and your physicians know the risks vs. the benefits of having the prescribed surgery.