Board Certification

  • Family Medicine



Southside Hospital
Family Medicine

Medical School

St. George’s University School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine
Grenada, West Indies

Dr. Livani is a board certified family practice physician with 20 plus years of experience in private practice in family medicine, dealing with a wide range of age groups from 5 years old and up.

Dr. Livano moved to the DC Metro area from Florida in 2020, where he had his private medical practice. His goal as a physician is promotion of a healthy life style, prevention, treatment, and longevity. He follows a simple philosophy of being healthy inside and outside of the body with individualized recommendations to achieve these goals. He is knowledgeable in nutraceuticals and natural supplements as means to promote internal well being in addition to his traditional means of medical and health management.

Dr. Livani is experienced in noninvasive and minimally invasive aesthetic services and is ready to offer his services to those interested, complementing their individualized and personalized care plan to promote the healthy goals of prevention, healing, and longevity.

Some of his services include but not limited to;
-Preventive care visits
-Nutritional consult and supplemental recommendations
-General medical care of children and adults
-Medicare wellness visits,
-Immunization and preventive measures;
-Children and adult physical exam
– Women’s health and HRT Men’s Health and HRT
-Cardiovascular risk assessment and specialized serum analysis and prevention & treatment
-Metabolic assessment and treatment of obesity

Some other specialized services;
-Fillers and Botox injections
-Radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening and collagen promotion
-Nutraceuticals and vitamin therapy
-Skin assessment and treatment such as Acne, cancerous and noncancerous skin lesion removal